AusCycling Insurance is required for all riders at the bike park whether just riding or accessing Linga Longa shuttles. There are several options for accessing insurance through AusCycling:

– Four Week Free Trial

– Event License (1 x day or 7 x day)

*Please note if you are attending both days you will need a 7 x day permit. These must be purchased prior to the event and a copy of your permit brought with you.

– AusCycling Membership
A “Lifestyle” or “Race off Road” membership is adequate for this event.

There will be timing systems setup for riders to record runs on specific trails. You can only participate in the timing with a Race level membership, as Lifestyle membership doesn’t cover timed runs. Even though this is not a race, the insurance requirements for timed riding is equivalent to racing. You can still ride the trails that have timing equipment with a Lifestyle membership, you just won’t use the timing system.

– MTBA Memership
Some of you may still have an active MTBA membership. Please check when this is due to expire as most membership will need to be renewed with AusCycling in Nov/Dec 2021.

If you have any queries as to which membership you need for this event, please feel free to contact us.

Please ensure you have your valid AusCycling or MTBA membership card with you for the event or a printout / screenshot on your phone of your free trial / day permit. You may be required to present this on check-in at the festival to ensure all patrons are registered and covered by insurance. Unfortunately West Cycle Insurance does not cover you for this event.