What do I need to bring with me?

We have an event checklist here.

  • Bike
  • MTBA Membership card or trial/day permit
  • Helmet and Protective Gear
  • Comfortable riding clothes
  • Riding shoes or sneakers
  • Swimming gear
  • Camping gear / swag (unless you are glamping)
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Smart casual clothes or come in your PJ’s for the dinner
  • Towel – beach + bath (there are hot showers!)
  • Warm clothes for the evening/overnight

What ages can attend the festival?

For the Women’s only festival activities you must be over the age of 16 years. If you are between the age of 16 and 18 years you will need a parent or guardian to attend the event with you.

I am under 16 years old but would like to come to the event, can I still come?

Unfortunately the women’s specific activities are limited to 16 years and older. However you will be able to access the family/partner shuttle bus to Pemberton on the Saturday and ride the bike park on the Sunday as part of the open gravity day. If you have any questions please get in touch.

I’ve never been to Linga Longa, how do I get there?

Linga Longa bike park is approximately 3 hours south of Perth. You can drive or catch the event specific shuttle bus from Perth (with pick-up locations along the way). The shuttle will leave Perth on Friday at 4pm and return on Sunday arriving at approximately 6pm.

For more information about getting to Linga Longa we recommend visiting their website.

Will I need to drive on a gravel road to get to the event?

Yes, there are gravel roads which can be slippery and conditions can change so please drive slowly. You can drive on these roads in a sedan and do not need a four wheel drive.

I don’t feel comfortable driving to Linga Longa on my own, what options are there?

A shuttle bus will be leaving Perth at 4pm on Friday the 23rd October and returning on Sunday the 25th October at approximately 6pm. The bus will transport you, your bags and bike for the weekend and you can chinwag along the way!!

Otherwise team up with some friends and road trip it down in the car!

More information about the event shuttles here.

I can't transport my bike to the event, what can I do?

A shuttle bus will be leaving Perth at 4pm on Friday the 23rd October and returning on Sunday the 25th October at approximately 6pm. The bus will transport you, your bags and bike for the weekend and you can chinwag along the way!!

Otherwise team up with some friends and road trip it down!

More information about the event shuttles here.

Is there phone reception at Linga Longa?

If you’re not with Telstra, you won’t have reception unless you’re up on the top of the hill! Have a plan of how you can communicate and meet up with your buddies as text messaging or Facebook won’t be helpful at the park. A good location to set as a meeting point is at the café area.

I would like to attend the Saturday banquet with my partner can they come?

At this stage the Saturday banquet will be for women ticket holders only. If we are unable to sell enough tickets for the banquet we will open it up to partners / friends to attend the dinner as well. The cost will be as per the ticket costs.


What if I can't/don't want to camp?

If you don’t have camping gear or camping isn’t your thing – Glamping is your best option! Soul Camping will be available for the event and you can book directly with them.

If you plan to Glamp with a bunch of girlfriends, your tent will be set up in the women’s only event area. If you are attending with family or male friends, your glamping tent will be set up in the general camping area for the weekend.

You can have up to 5 beds in the glamping tents, which makes it great value if you get a bunch of girlfriends together to share the costs!

If you’re looking to share a tent but don’t know anybody going, jump on the WA Gravity Girls Facebook page to link up with other girls in the community.

Alternatively there are several Airbnb options in and around Balingup, which is approximately 20 – 30 min drive from Linga Longa. More information here.

Friends & Family

Can I bring my family?

Your family are welcome to travel with you for the weekend. However Saturday is a women’s only event, only female ticket holders are able to ride and participate in festival activities.

Family and friends looking for activities to do or places to ride on the Saturday have the option to explore some of the local attractions outside of the bike park or be shuttled to another trail network in the area. There are several options including Nannup and Pemberton. There will be a shuttle bus service available to take family / friends to Pemberton for the day provided there is adequate interest and numbers.

Sunday the trails at Linga Longa will be open for family and friends to ride, however certain trails will be closed. These trails will be for female ticket holders only.

Family or friends can camp Fri and Saturday night in the general camping area. The cafe will be open Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. There will be areas of the bike park that will be off limits to non ticket holders.

Can I bring friends?

Get your girlfriends together, pickup a Total Bliss Package and let loose! However, if you want to bring male buddies, the same applies to family above. Saturday will be women’s only activities. Camping and Glamping will be available in the general camping area. Sunday shuttles at the bike park are available to partners, friends and family, however there will be trail restrictions, with certain trails only open to female riders.

If you’re unsure, please get in touch!


Do I need to bring my own bike?

Yes, however if you don’t have a bike there are bike shops you can hire or demo from around Perth and the South West. If you are unable to transport your hire bike, take advantage of the event shuttle bus from Perth to the Linga Longa. Alternatively the bike shop you are hiring from may be able to assist with bike transport.

Kalamunda Cycles have demo bikes that you can hire for the weekend. They can also arrange to bring these down for you. Please get in touch with them if you would like to hire a bike.

You can also hire bikes from Rock and Roll located in the hills. If you can’t transport your hire bike, take advantage of our transport service!

We are also in the process of identifying other businesses that may be able to assist with bike hire.

Is my bike suitable?

A mountain bike in good working order (must include bar ends) is required for this event.

Hardtails are okay, however dual suspension bikes are recommended. If you are unsure if your bike is suitable, get in touch.

Do I need a full face helmet to ride at Linga Longa?

A full face helmet is recommended for riding the bike park, however for this event riders can wear open face helmets but will be limited to certain trails. If you wish to ride all of the trails at the bike park you will need a full face helmet. An open face helmet will be permitted only for riding the skills loop, Cotton Wool, Bryman’s Blues and Little Miss Enduro.

I'm a beginner, is this event suitable for me?

Yes, there will be activities suitable for all riding levels. Beginners are welcomed and encourage to attend this event.

I'm not a beginner, is this event suitable for me?

Definitely! Linga Longa bike park has lots to offer for intermediate and advanced riders. The event will have coaching and activities for each level of riding from beginner to advanced.

There aren’t any green trails listed on the Linga Longa website? Is this a beginner friendly place to ride?

Yes it is, whilst there are no listed green trails at the bike park, Linga Longa are currently building a skills area which will be perfect for beginners and have green trail features. There are also many fire road trails around the park which would be considered green classification and take you through beautiful parts of the property. There is something for everyone at Linga Longa!

Food and Beverages

Can I BYO?

Yes, you can BYO food and drinks. Food will be available for purchase at the cafe Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

Certain event tickets have food included.

Will there be food available for purchase?

Yes, the cafe will be open for food to be purchased
– Friday night
– Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner
– Sunday breakfast and lunch

What about drinks?

BYO, or non-alcoholic beverages can be purchased from the cafe. Tap water is available at the cafe area.