Linga Longa

Western Australia’s Premier Bike Park

We’re not what you think!

Linga Longa has a reputation for being a technical maze of gnarly trails only for the most mental rider. It's not true.. entirely. There are a collection of technical trails only suitable for advanced riders, but there are also flowy trails suitable for beginners and intermediate riders.

The wonderful team at Linga Longa have made sure this event is suitable for ALL riding levels. Which means you can explore the park and go wild or just take your time and enjoy the flow.


Because Linga Longa is a private bike park, a mandatory waiver must be signed to attend Trail Bliss.

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MTBA Insurance

A day license through MTBA is required to attend the event - no attendee can ride without this insurance.

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Full face helmets are recommended. Riders wearing open face helmets will be restricted to specific trails and features.

Skills Park

A brand new skills area named The Labyrinth is being built just for this event. Perfect for beginners and progressing riders.

Phone Reception

Patchy at best! Linga Longa is a relaxing oasis that brings you into the moment. You may find you have limited phone reception with Telstra, but most other providers have very little coverage.